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I have a 30 gallon tank. The currant members are 1 false clown, 1 magenta dottyback and 1 pink spotted goby. All of these fish have been in the tank for about 1 year. I would like to add another fish but can't decide what to get. I am kind of interested in a 6-line wrasse. What would you guys recommend?
Imagine that. Nobody here has an opinion on something......... If you got one smaller than your other fish from what I've read you should be okay. I see they eat bristleworms..... maybe I should get one for my bristleworm factory.....
I think they are a really cool fish, really active. A clown goby might be a little more peaceful in a kind of crowded tank.
I just got a Clown Fairy wrasse from Berts which looks great in a 38 gal. quarantine tank. Fairy wrasses are a favorite of mine, and don't have to have huge tanks. But I don't know how the dottyback might react.
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I just started getting this fish in recently called a flame tail blenny, looks like a bicolor blenny but with the yellowish orange blending in more , check it out on http://www.seadwelling.com/v-web/gallery/newcool very docile and personable, coralreefer has one and crabfan has one on the way.
I'll second the docile and personable. Eats out of my hand and "helps" do water changes.
Oh yeah I got him with the gift certificate I won at last months meeting :D

I'm a big fan of fairy wrasses too.