Optimal Tunze Settings For My New Tank Landscape


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I have struggled with my tank since my upgrade a few years back. It just looked like crap which caused me to neglect it further. A compounding effect I realize. Anyway, I decided to completely redo the tank from the ground up. New lights, completely new live rock and live sand, all corals cut back or sold. I will be adding a 4th Radion that I got a good deal on today. New corals, enough to fill every ledge I made with the rock will be added in about one more month when the weather is perfect for shipping.

I come to you today to optimize my Tunze settings. I have three Tunze 6105 currently running on my system. I have them set up as follows.


This works great, but, I feel it is not the best setting for my landscape. Can some of you experienced Tunze owners recommend a better set up for my pumps through the Profilux given my landscape.

I have a 220 gallon peninsula tank that goes through the wall in to another room. There are two Tunze streams at the right hand side facing the overflow. The left hand side has another Tunze 6105 as well as the return line from the basement sump. Here is the landscape.

Standing on the left hand side looking to the right at the end with the two Tunze 6105.

Standing on the right looking towards the overflow end with the single Tunze 6105 and the return line.

The plan is to have the base of the aquarium loaded with LPS, Brains, Acans, Clams, Scolly's. The ledges that you see will be covered in various species of SPS. I need good flow around everything on the ledges without greating a sandstorm and pushing the sand against the walls on the bottom.

The Tunze are set to 3-8V in the 1-10V set up.


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Great looking tank! Do you have a build thread?
I've been struggling with the Tunze settings myself, hopefully some others chime in.


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Best would be permanent opposite set to right angled wave and about a 6 second setting, but that's quoting theoretical how that plays in the wild is down to too many factors to predict. give it a go and run from their.