Options for a small group of schooling fish


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Going to be setting up a new 105 gallon 4 foot tank (72g main display, 30 gallon sump).

I have had a small group of green chromis before but wondering if there are any other smaller size saltwater fish that provide that schooling effect?

I know there are many damsels but I believe the problem with them is that they are territorial and may kill other small fish in the tank i.e. royal gramma, firefish etc?

Michael Hoaster

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Your choices are limited with a four foot long tank. You need small fish that don't need a lot of room to roam. As Vinny suggested, Cardinal fish fit the bill. A group of Barnacle Blennies would work, but they don't really school, as much as hang in groups in holes in the rocks. They are very social and competitive and fun to watch. You could do a pair or possibly three Royal Grammas as a harem. Get them small, add them at the same time. They all start as females. One will turn into a male, and you have a harem. Do not try to add a gramma to a tank with an established one already.