ORA Miami Orchid! show me!!


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This is one coral that I find difficult to photograph.


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this is not mine is sunnyx hope he don't mind but his is the best photo of the Miami Orchid that I ever see



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i just did buy a frag from a local hobbyist, but it didnt past the shipping, so came to me bleached, i saved a tiny tip (about 2/8") and its now coloring to the greens...its that normal???

how long do u think its gonna take to be at least 1" frag again?


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how fast does the coral grow? how long did it take you to get that nice colony?

I bought it as a small frag about 1 1/2" in October of 2008. It took about a year for it to grow into a colony about 4"+. Pretty fast grower IME.

Here is a picture I took with flash. It still doesn't live up to the real thing.


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I'll get a pic of mine up but I completely agree with the sentiment so far. Really difficult to photograph and have the true colors come out.

As for the green comment, some of the polyps on my new growth appear bright green against that nice purple. An interesting turn of things as far as I'm concernced and actually a really new event.



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They do seem to grow very fast. Mine is a small frag I've had about two months now. It has almost doubled in size. It's a very nice coral. Thanks for sharing all the pics.