ORA Neon Green Coral Growth


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Hi was wondering if I could get an opinion on the attached pic.

1) I got it as from a frag swap, can someone confirm it as a ORA Neon Green Birdnest?

2) Color and polyp extension looks good to me, but it seems to be growning down vs "up". Is it getting too much light? Should I move it down? (sorry picture needs to be rotated, but not sure how to do that)

It was under 208 watt T5 for 3 or 4 months, and has been under 2 Radions for the past week. I just raised the Radions to 60% Natural. it is about 8 inches from the surface.

More tank details below

Display Tank
AGA 90 Gallon Tank, 2 Radions running 60% natural, MP40, 85 pounds of Pukani Rock Glass Holes 1500 GPH overflow, 100 lbs Pink Samoa Reef Sand

Apex Controller (Ph, Temp, wireless module) Aqueon Proflex Sump 4, Reef Octopus XP1000SSS (rated for 125 gallons), 2 Eheim Jager 200w heaters, Eheim 900G return pump, Tunze ATO "“Kalkwasser, Cheato, 6500K 24w Compact Fluorescent Bulb, dose two part

Water Quality
dKH 11, Ca 430, Po 0.03, Ammonia, Nitrate, & Nitrite 0


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Definitely a Neon Green Birdsnest. Don't know if its ORA or not. They all look the same to me. IME Birdsnest can tolerate low light, so you can move it if you want, but yours looks healthy to me.


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Look exactly like my ORA green birdsnest. A pretty easy coral with good growth. As mentioned, does well in lower light as well: I placed mine low to save the prime high real estate for the purple acros.