ORA Red Planet


Reef Guru
Seems this coral has always been pretty popular. Its one of my favorites. I love the red and green combo colors. It seems to be scarce over the past year. I know ORA had some issues with their mother colony. I hope its back in full production again. Anyways, I have recently acquired a good sized little mini colony from pensfan05. Actually, his big colony used to be mine from my old tank before I sold it to him. He was nice enough to return some of it to me. I plan on growing it out to a big huge colony. It is a pretty fast grower. I found some old pictures of the original colony that seems to be supplying most of Memphis, lol.

This was progression over about a years time:

Original little frag from ORA:


Some growth:


a little more:


About the size when I sold it:


Looking forward to growing out some of this again back to its glory. :) Thanks to Chris for keeping this coral going.