Orange/copper color. Is this normal? (pics inside)


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My tank is nearing the end of its start up cycle and I have been reading through the forums to see what I can expect to see during and after the cycle. As such I have been waiting for the algae bloom and diatoms, and expecting to see lots of Greens and dark browns maybe even some more purple or red, but when I got home from work tonight I saw that the LR on the right of my tank had a slight cover of orange, copper or gold-ish color on the tops of it. I couldn't find anything on the forums about algae or diatoms being this color. Is this normal, I am sure and hoping it is safe and just part of having a tank but I just want to be safe incase I need to take action to try and get rid of it some how. Any advice or knowledge helps ^^.




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yeah that's Diatom "algea"... Keep looking it up and you'll find photos that look exactly like yours....Text book Diatoms...