Orange Coralline


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No Trick photography, I even too the pic with no flash/low-light mode. In person, under light it appears to be almost bringht pink. I feilt it and gave a good ol' finger nail test...wasn't a fungus or algae, hard just like coralline.

Has anybody come across the color yet, or do I have something rare?


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I've noticed that dying coralline-- corraline that's been exposed to air, fresh water, hot water, or some chemical-- turns that hot pink color. It sometimes strikes me as orange too.

That'd be cool if you got it growing on its own, but I would rather see the nice deep purple and lavender corraline. That's just me though.


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No, i dont think you have anything rare- That usually happens when you epoxy over coraline (mounting frags) and pull it off later. I don't know why it happens, because I have 2 spots on my rock that look like that, it will be back to normal soon.

But I could be wrong.. It's happened before.


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I have a few areas of orange coraline that have developed in our 90 display... however it was very late forming, perhaps 9 months into setup.

Also they seemed to only grow where the linkia had scraped off previously existing coraline to white LR.


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I didn't have epoxy on it, and when my coralline gets bleached in turns violet and white. I have purple all over the tank and starting to grow red and maroon, so when I saw the orange I didn't believe it. I'm glad it exists, now the trick is sustaining it. Thanks for the feedback...


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That's cool, i think i have some on one of my rocks as well....It would be cool if it grew like the purple does