orange ricordia


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How do you get orange ricordias to multiple. I've had mine for 5 yrs and the still wont reproduce. Most has 2 to 3 mouths but still nothing. I've lost 2 already because it got too close to a brain coral. Now I only have 3 left and would like it to multiple. I don't want to cut it up into pieces just because I don't want to loose them.



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ricordias{FLA} split they dont grow babies on the on the rocks like yumas... if you can move them then do so.... a pic would help a lil bit..


Travis L. Stevens

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You can cut them down the middle to the rock and let them regrow on their own. YOu can also cut them off of the rock, let the cap reattach, and hope that the base will make a new one. The propogation methods are similar to all other mushrooms.