Orbit T-5 ?'s


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I have a 48" Orbit T-5 and it's time for new bulbs....

Right now I have the stock 8 that came with it. And my questions was where, and what bulbs would be the best. I like the blue look of actinics but I know NOTHING about the NM ratings, and want to make my corals as happy as possible while bringing out the bright colors they have!

So if anybody could lend me some suggestions I would be their best friend :)


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I like the following combination: geissman bulbs
4 mid-day----lots of PAR, growth power
4 actinic + ---- nice blue color takes the yellow out of the mid-days
decent PAR
a nice white with a hint of blue color and lots of PAR is the overall look if you want a more blue look substitue a blue plus for one or two of the mid-day bulbs or put another actinic + in.