Order History


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Just wondering if you might ever fix your online odering page where we can see a history of what we have ordered.

Currently, most orders ship immediately, and we are providing a tracking number by the next morning.

Order histories on the website has already been scheduled for implementation. I believe implementation will start in about 4-6 weeks. Part of the implementation will be so the history extends back to 3rd quarter of 1999. As soon as that is completed and out of BETA stages, I will be post here so that you can check to see everything that you have purchased from us.
No you are not. I placed an oder over the weekend, it is now Monday evening and no tracking # was sent to me!!! I have to wait until tues to find out what going on??>?:mad2:
That's a good point. I stand corrected :).

Our carriers do not pick up on the weekends. Orders placed on the weekends would normally ship out Monday. I apologize for the lack of clarity.

Please allow me to rephrase as:
95% of orders received by 5PM EST on carrier business days are shipped out the same day. Carrier business days can be found on ups.com and fedex.com.