Osmolator 5024


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I have used the Osmolator 5024 sinca 18 months and are very pleased with it.

However, after I did change the pump 5024.04 since the old one did burn, the new pump is creating a lot of microbubbles when the waterlevel is just enough high to not start the top off pump. I beleave the pump is sucking in air through the blue sponge. This is also creating a lot of disturbing noise. If I increase the water level manually the bubbles and noise goes away, but then the purpose of the osmolator is to top off automatically. I suspect this was also the cause for the old pump to burn.

I there a way to adjust or tune the osmolator to avoid this ?
I have never seen one of these pumps burn out yet. I would simply slow the pump by removing it and closing the iris at the front of the pump- turn the outlet.