osmolator pump in kalk mix


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Is anyone else running their tunze osmolator pump directly in an RO/DI and kalk mix bucket? I just got mine setup yesterday and that is how I am running it. I know the life is reduced considerably - but how long can I expect the pump to last this way? I have it sitting on a platform I made from eggcrate/pvc so that it doesn't suck the stuff that settles at the bottom.

My thinking is, the tunze calcium dispenser is way overpriced at $100. Since the pumps are only $12, if each pump had to be replaced every 6 months, that's stil 4 years worth of pumps I could get for $100. However, if the pump life is reduced to only 2-3 months, then it totally makes sense to get the tunze calcium dispenser, or even a kalk reactor. Thoughts? Experiences?


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you could soak the pump in vinegar monthly and probably ad some life to the pump.

i was going to use a seperate jug and shake it up reall good and pour the top half into my water top off. not sure how effective it will be ..


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I use my osmo pump straight in the kalkwater. I have used it for about 1 year with no failures yet. Just in case I bought a spare for when it does give out.

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I've been doing this for 6 months now with no problems. I built an eggcrate shelf for my pump to sit on so it's not submersed in the slurry. I also run the pump in hot water and vinegar every month. Always helps to keep a backup just in case.