OT: Angels Pitcher killed this morning...


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I guess that is why the lemon st off ramp was shut down this morning on my way to work.. I just say a pic of the car on FAUX news.... those guys did not stand a chance


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Very True..


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wow unbelieveable.. a pitcher in just a few games in the season. and the the fan the got beat up on the stairs and hit from behind on opening game died last night.
damm one would think this would happen at the raider games..

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Nick was a great on the mound yesterday giving up no runs. Would of gotten a win until the relievers gave up 6 runs in the last two innings.


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Very very sad. The kid was going from living the true dream, to having his life taken from him. You hear things about people getting killed all the time, but for some reason it doesn't make me think twice about it unless its an athlete (right or wrong). I feel terribly for the kid's family. I wish them the best....


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I just saw the piece of crap who killed him was another 22 year old, with a suspended license, and prior DUI. The wrong 22 year old died.. But I guess thats how it always works out.


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Ahhhh that's just freekin great.
This kid works his butt off, makes sacrifices and does everything right to get where he wants to be and then you have some drunk low life that takes it all away in seconds.
I hope they give the guy life in prison.


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Itd be deserving. People get off way too easily, so they dont fear the consequences. Maybe we should make DUIs a minimum 1 year sentence in jail, so people really fear driving intoxicated.


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Maybe we should make DUIs a minimum 1 year sentence in jail, so people really fear driving intoxicated.