OT: Anyone experienced with auto painting?


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I just picked up a used TREK Mt. Bike from a buddy for a good price. Great working order but has a couple scratched on the frame and im not digging the color scheme. I was thinking to tear it down and have the frame and forks painted to bring some life back into it. Anyone on here willing to help me out that has access to a auto body shop or has the equipment at home and knows how to properly mix the paint, hardner, etc. I would rather not go the route of the spray paint cans if i can avoid it. I can pay $$ or trade frags, etc.


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better off powder coating it unless you want a crazy scheme. It will last a lot longer

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Buy the paint and thinner, and I can bring home an HVLP gun next week sometime... It's great for painting cars. It comes with its own compressor... Let me know (pm me if you need it, with your phone number)