OT- Bengal Cat Adoption


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Hey all for those of you that both know and dont know i rescue Bengal Cats in need. I had an interest in the breed from when i first met Tony and Leslie from Reef Exotics Bengal. The cats are given up for various reasons. Mostly because people move and cant take them with them so they contact us and we foster them till they can be found a forever home. Sometmes they come from a shelter or sadly as strays that people have dumped. I also try to connect owners with future owners so the cat cna skip the foster home. If anyone would be interested in adopting one let me know either here or via PM. Right now theres a Bengal Mix in Queens available and 1 up in Yonkers. Also i may have 1 soon myself. If you dont know about Bengals i suggest you research the breed before deciding to get one. The first 2 pics are of the Bengal Mix in Queens followed by the Snow Bengal thats up in Yonkers so if anyone is interested let me know and ill put you in contact with the people who have them. Also this is the website of what im involved in and its throughout the US and Canada www.bengalrescuenetwork.org