OT: best martial arts for kids


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Probably karate or any arts that promotes discipline. After a few years, they can learn some MMA.


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Re: OT: best martial arts for kids

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whats a good martial art for a 5 year old to learn?
i was thinking ninjitsu. hehehe

I know you might cringe at the thought of your toddlers getting hurt but wrestling is a very good option. It's an extremely disciplined sport that teaches a lot of balance, as well as adds on a lot of functional strength as well.

Or BJJ is another good one. I know they aren't the usual sports and don't look as flashy as a striking based martial art but they're a hell of a lot more useful in my opinion.

Or well, I also advocate gymnastics


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I trained in Muay Thai for 5 1/2 years when I was in school.
We had some 5-6 year olds that were pretty amazing.
Kept me out of trouble for the most part :D


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i started Kempo from 6-8 y/o.... didnt help much with discipline.... from there i have taken Aikido Jujitsu from 9-18 y/o... learned more discipline and structure there then anything. best decision of my parents life. Unfortunately i have had to use the skills i have learned there on more then a few occasions. here is a proper example of what i just went through, a thread i started in another forum. hope this all helps :)



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with out question Krav-Maga I have used it on more than one occasion and the one occasion i got hurt was 3 to 1 and it was just a shiner. Through this you are taught to make every defense offense at the same time and fight thru pain to for lack of a better word demolish your opponent.
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well its for a girl so i dont think i would want anything too violent for now. hehehe. maybe gymnastics would be good? balance and flipping around for now?

krav-maga is no joko! i've been wanting to learn that and muay thai but never had the time.

J-Bass- do you arnis? whats the difference with modern and the traditional? where are you located?
drop him off in the hood for 30 minutes guarantee that he will learn self defence :)


for a 5 yr old Karate is a good start to learn disipline after he gets older something more advanced


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dude even more of a reason for martial arts... god forbid, but if she grows up and lands some dumb @ss abuse happy BF you want to make sure that she can hold her own at least enough to gtfo of the situation... gymnastics? only good if you are mixing it with martial arts. dont have your daughter asking you, "dad why didnt you put me in Martial Arts, that would have prevented all of this!?"


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TKD or Karate...personally I did Muay Thai growing up and moved to BJJ. I would take her to a TKD school and have her participate first to see if she likes it...sometimes they can easily get bored. You have to see first if it'll be something she will like.

I've been teaching my son some ground techniques but I can tell he's not interested so before paying for classes see if she has an interest for it first...JMO


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"gymnastics? only good if you are mixing it with martial arts."

yes i was thinking gymnastics first then a year or so later into martial arts, actually she wants ballet lessons and i really dont think that would help her in life.

i was teaching her basic moves (play fights ever since she's 2years old)
she just doesnt know it yet. hehehe

when we saw kung fu panda, she was even doing the touch of death think on the chest on me! lol


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=12870084#post12870084 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by savethereef
drop him off in the hood for 30 minutes guarantee that he will learn self defence :)

haha yup...


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I have a 12 yr daughter that has been doing Taekwondo for years and she is really close at getting he 2nd degree Black Belt...works wonders


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which part of the hood? south central or watts? i used to live down south central when i was younger, not a big deal. lol there were drug deals right in front of our house too. the motel nearby...well, it's always busy.