OT: Bummer... My fav Nursery closed. Where do I go now?


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There used to be a nursery near the corner of Sheldon and Hillsburough and now its gone. I went by there the other day and its just an empty lot now. Evidently they finally sold the place. There was a really cool old guy that worked there and every time I'd go he'd always want to talk about government and politics.. I'm not into that stuff but it cracked me up what he had to say. I'm going to miss him.

So where do I go now to get good deals on plants and palms and such? I gotta replace a few plants that didn't make it thru the winter.



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theres 2 decent sized ones about a block from my place always has good prices so i have heard i can send ya info if your interested but its in st pete though but i have never been there but drive by it every other day


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Thanks Ferrit but I'd prefer Tampa. St Pete would be a hike with a trunk full of plants hangin out the back lol.. :)


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Head to the
Green Thumb Nursery | 6913 Sheldon Road | Tampa | FL | 33615
They rock... There's this guy Patrick that works there... He knows everything about grass you would ever want to know.
I'm on there email list...