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I am looking for feedback on e-cigarettes and would like to hear your personal experience with them. It seems that every review I look at on the internet is posted by people who are biased towards one brand or another based on financial interest that they may have in that particular brand.

If you have tried one, I am interested to know if the batteries hold the amount of charge that the manufacturer claims, if they have successfully replaced regular cigarettes for you, and any problems that you may have had with a particular brand.

The FDA is willing to put out plenty of warnings about them but has yet to post any analysis on the chemical make up of any particular brand. Therefore it is hard to find much info on them out there that I can trust...

Also, just to be clear, this doesn't appeal to me as "a safe alternative to cigarettes" and I am not trying to quit, I would just rather get my fix from something that has 20 chemicals in it rather than 4000+ chemicals.

This info is not only for me, but also for classmates of mine. I am preparing a persuasive speech on this particular topic in favor of the e-cigarette and your responses will provide me with one of my necessary sources for my speech.

TIA for any info on this that you can provide me with.


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How about that. Didn't even know they made these. While my post will not help you I would personally try to find a liquid that didn't have propylene glycol in them (substance used in antifreeze)......I know when cats drink antifreeze they don't look so good the next day. Looks like some have vegetable glycerin in them.....safer they claim.

What I have read so far says you can use these in restaurants, stores......any public place. Wonder how long that will be true or even if it would be true in cook county.

I have some family that would be pretty interested in this product....



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its not the same, or anywhere near the same, or a replacement. its vapor. not the same feeling at all. mentally and physically (if that even makes sense to anyone else)..

as a smoker myself (bad habbit i know), there all gimmicks. you need to replace the cartridge and can change dosages but you are blowing vapor not a cig tasting smoke which is why u smoke in the first place.


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i am not trying to quit, I would just rather get my fix from something that has 20 chemicals in it rather than 4000+ chemicals.

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My son bought one that had two battery ends and a portable battery charger. Because he stored the battery in the charger he never had his battery go dead. He said he didn't really notice a difference in the flavor. He didn't plan on quitting smoking, but he ended up doing so. Two of his friends also bought them and ended up quitting.

He's gone to relatives for the rest of the weekend. I'll ask him when he gets home which brand he used.


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Thanks to those have responded so far.

smirkis- I really hate the aftertaste of cigarettes and I especially hate the smell. That is what appeals to me most about this sort of product. My main concern is if the vapor gives you a similar "throat hit" (this is the way the smoke feels when it is inhaled).

Dana- I am glad to hear that your son and his friends ened up quitting as a result of using this product. I am really hoping that I will have that same end result from using this. I am very interested to hear his feedback (good and bad) on the brand that he used...

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I switched to a pipe (or cigars) when I quit smoking cigarettes. It really helped take the edge off for the first few weeks. I eventually tapered off the pipe since it's just not as convenient as a cigarette. Now, I pretty much have a cigar or two a month, if that, and hardly ever smoke a pipe at all.

It's been 2.5 years since I had a cigarette, and that was coming from a pack and a half a day habit.


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Puffer - there really is nothing that I like about smoking, but every time I quit, I end up going back to it. It really doesn't make sense but then again, no addiction does.... unless it involves corals :)

Helter - I tried cigars and pipes in the past, but the problem I have is that you can't inhale, well... I guess you could but you'd get real sick.

What I like about the e-cigarettes is that they offer not only reg/light/ultra-light cartridge refills, but they also offer zero-nicotine cartridges and I am hoping that this may be key in helping me quit, by weaning myself off of the nicotine.

I also forgot to mention that my cousin (the person that informed me about these in the first place) tried one last week and as a heavy smoker, he found it to be satisfying enough that he thinks it may help him quit too (and it's his confidence in this product that makes me so interested in trying it). So both he and I are looking to try these in the hopes of getting away from this whole disgusting habit.