OT- For you Laker fans...Kobe and Vanessa to divorce


Timo Boll
When it rains in LA, it pours :D

Two words for any man who makes millions....... PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT. Or they take half..... and half she will get :lol:


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Half and alimony and child support.He's really getting screw either way.well time for new contract extension,pay up Dr. Bush.



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Michael Strahan had a prenup, his wife took him to the cleaners and then some! $18k a month on child support alone!

I would go into a long rant about how our legal system and way we dish stuff out in divorces is royally FUBAR, however I'm sure most everyone already knows that :)

But I really don't care for Kobe, he cheated on her, a prenup would have been invalidated at that anyways.


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Not to mention the alimony payments she'll be receiving to keep her in the quality of life that she's "accustomed" to :D