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So to my surprise, i got out of work this morning to find my tire was flat. QQ So after messing around for about and hour i finally get it changed out with the spare. Jumped in my car and tried to start driving away. For some reason, she just didn't want to move. After another 20 mins or so, it finally dawned on me how silly i was about not taking off the parking break >.< *facepalm*


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Thats what you get for driving an automatic. If you had a manual that shiza is daily routine!

A perfect first OT thread...


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Why use the parking brake on an auto? That is what the "P" stands for. I have never used the "E" brake on my truck for anything other than the slides. :D


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At least you didn't have the day I had last Wednesday. It was a totally tire-ing day. I used Click and Pull at Sams to order some tires for my wifes car. The order got cancelled for some reason so the tires didn't come in until Tuesday.

Brought the car in Wednesday at 7:00 AM. The wife needed to be on a metra at 9:24 to meet up with her brothers in Chicago. I got to my call in Lake forest at 8:00 AM and my right front was nearly flat. I called motor club before I went into the call and my wife waited with the car.

By the time the motor club guys got the car down off the jack it was 9:30. The wife waited for the next train and although late spent the day with my brothers-in-law.

Sams called and said I had a rounded off lug nut on one of the rims. I said to the kid "how about grabbing an impact socket one mm smaller and tap it onto the lug and pull it with a breaker bar?" "I'll try" was his reply.

I drove up to Gurnee for my second call. When I came out the donut on the right front was low. "Great," I thought. I was sure I could make it down the street to Citgo to fill it up. The tire popped off the bead on the turn into the parking lot. Called motor club again.

While waiting I called Sam's. No dice on the rim so I would have to deal with the lug myself and bring the car back. Great.

Motor club arrived, it was the same two guys from the morning. They aired up the tire they pulled off in the morning and I headed north to the Antioch Walmart supercenter where I bought those tires. I wandered the store while they pulled the rim off the car. When I was paged to return I figured it couldn't be good. It wasn't. The rim was bent so they wouldn't dismount the tire and proclaimed I would need a new rim. They did, however, tub the tire and said it wasn't leaking. More then likely whether or not the tire leaked depended upon the position of the bend and the pressure of the bead against the rim where it was bent.

I went home and got my impact sockets, a four pound sledge (I can't be trusted with anything bigger) and a 1/2" drive breaker bar. I went to Advance Auto and picked up a full set of 16 solid lug nuts to replace the two piece nuts causing the problems. Then my wife called and said she was on an earlier train. I picked her up then we went to Sam's. It took me all of 90 seconds (seriously) to do exactly what I suggested to the kid.

Went back inside and the guy said "Yeah we close at 8:00 but we stop taking cars in at 6:00." "I brought the car in at 7:00 AM and I just did what your tire changer couldn't. It's one tire and a set of lug nuts. Based on the hassle you should do it."

"We aren't allowed to do that kind of work (the lug nut removal) you'll just have to bring it back in the morning."

I asked "Why didn't the kid tell me this morning he couldn't do it instead of telling me he'd try?"

I got that tilted head look my dumbest dog gives me when I call his name softly.

I brought the car back at 7:00 Thursday morning. I went back through the previous days experience with the MOD and I got the most honest response I think I have ever gotten.

"Sir, this is Sam's club." I gave him the stupid dog tilted head look. He continued; " They don't give us the tools to do the job we should be doing. It's just the truth."

I thanked him and he got the car in and was done with it in about a half hour.

My buddy had me come down to his shop and he pounded the rim back to where it needed to be with a 10 pounder. A vibration I had in the front end was gone after that.

It has definitely been a tire-ing experience. Glad yours was easier.

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