OT: Got laid off! :(


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Wow!!!! I sat here all day and just shook my head!!! I can't believe this is happening to me. I've been with my company for 10 years, I helped build this company from a 5 person shop to 150+ both sales and service. I built this company and I got clipped, out of the blue. Wow again, I never thought I would put my family and myself in this position and here it is.

I can't believe I'm calling COBRA and trying to figure out how to cover a family with 3 kids by 2/1.

Either way, if any of you have a company that needs a motivated sales manager or sales person, I'm interested. My specialty is molding sales teams and closing.

I know a bunch of you know me, if you do know a company looking for workers, pass the info on to me. I'll sell myself!




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So sorry Pat. :( I just found out my GF got laid off after 13 years. No severance, pension, nothing... I feel so bad for her, she's a single mom.


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I appreciate the thought mystery reef.

I'm in the same boat Jeni, looks like I'm not getting a dime for severance either. Pension is a joke now. 10 years, down the gutter.


Pat, im sorry to hear about your job buddy. Its just this economy man, my boss got laid off after having been with the company for 35 years!!!! Our company has been in business since 1904, and have survived many recessions, but seeing someone get cut after dedicating their life to their job is very disheartening. Best of luck to you and your family.


Wow Pat in the same boat here!!! Came back from vacation to the news that we were shut down no severence nothing. Send me your resume I can forward it to some friends. My email is chicanoiguala@msn.com. Good luck in your job search and during my search I will keep a lookout.



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Dang, that really sucks Pat, sorry to hear that. It is really a shame that after all that you have done for them that they picked you. I guess you got to learn (( albeit the hard way )) just what type of people they really are.


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Pat, really sorry to hear that. There is a lot of that going around these days :( Always sends a shiver down my spine when I hear it hit somebody I know. I've had too many shivers lately.


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I was laid off last January found a new job in August. Better position, better people, better pay. The only advice I have is treat your job search like a job, do it everyday no matter what. Also, do not panic about finances, but be realistic about spending.

Depending on your kids age there are plenty of free things to keep them busy. My daughter just turned 5, took her to the park, free concerts in town, free days at museums. Once the weather is nice picnic's are always a good one.

If married, do some nice things for your wife around the house if she is working.

If you need a reef fix, it is really hard to just browse in stores.


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Sorry to hear that Pat. Does any one remember the days where the company that you worked for was as loyal to the employees as they were asking the employees to be to the company?

I do not know if they are looking or not, but check with McMaster Carr. They are still privately owned and I have heard that their benifit package is second to none around here.

Good luck in tha search.


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I am not sure if this would help but Illinois has a program call All Kids. Hotline 1-866-ALL-KIDS (1-866-255-5437) or http://www.allkidscovered.com/ it provides health care for children. I am not sure what qualifies you for the program but it is worth a shot to investigate. Not a great list of doctors but I am sure there is a few good doctors but you have to travel thought out the city.
I also work at Provident Hospital of Cook County we have social workers that provide information about our system. Believe it or not there are many good doctors in our hospitals Stoger & Provident I can put you in touch with a social worker.

Hey sorry about the loss of work


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Best of luck! I got laid off last year. I've since started my own business and am fortunate that my wife's company provides insurance.


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Hey +1 on All Kids. I've been out on Workman's comp with a back injury. My employer decided that with my restrictions after surgery they couldn't "accommodate" me. So..I went from paying $500 a month for crappy health ins to paying $0000 for great coverage. Just be sure you check to make suer the Dr takes it. Out here in the Burbs, some of them don't.


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sorry to hear of this Pat, i will keep an eye open for any jobs i see available. Please let me know if you need help with anything, im just around the corner.


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that sucks, i hope you luck. i got a layoff march of 2008 and got a way better job in September that pays me more than i ever got paid. but now i work alot, and get paid more for less work. One door closes and many more will open. good luck.