OT Hijackers Christmas Dinner

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Helter Skilter

OT Community Organizer
It seems that I can no longer mass PM people, so here's the info.

Dinner is Friday, December 18th at 7ish - 10, at:
The Texan BBQ
101 N. Main St
Algonquin, IL 60102

Please RSVP by copying the list and adding your names to it. Confirm attendance by Wednesday 12/16, so I have a head count for reservations. I want to avoid last years 3 hour wait in the lobby of Red Lobster. If you've been banned, call me. If we get enough people, I'm going to try to get the private room. This is not limited to just the crew. This is an open invitation. We're always looking for more weirdos to come out and play.

So far, confirmed attendance is:

Daniel san

There is a BYOB afterparty at my place. Activities will include yule log decorating, milk and cookies, caroling, and a dradle workshop.
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