OT: I know most of you are animal nuts too so..


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Had to put down my Boston Terrier yesterday. He was struggling prett badly last few months.

He was my main man and brother in arms. We are both stubborn and spiteful. He would poop on my shoes if he was upset with me. Or pee on my wife's shoes if he found something not to his liking.

He has been with me through a lot. The passing of my brother. The loss of my father. My marriage. The birth of my children.

Even within his breed, he was quite unique. I could say he touched all those he met, but the fact is, he more than likely bit you. If you bought frags from me, I'm sure you can confirm that. He had about 100% success in that department.

I'm devastated by his loss. I thank you for humoring me in my time of grief.

RIP Murphy



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Pets are cool. They help define us and teach us. It's good that we feel sad and hurt when they are gone...means they meant something to us. Hang in there.....


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I am sorry for your loss. They become a huge part of our lives. Our 11 year old bulldog seems to be going down the same route :sad2: I am dreading the day...


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Cully.....So sorry to hear....We have an Old English bull dog and he has been with us for 3+ years....And with the breed we will be lucky to get another 7. He has become such a part of the family, so enjoy them while they are touching our lives! RIP Murphy


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Sorry, my man. Tough stuff.

Although it may not feel like it now, the grief you're feeling pales in comparison to the great memories and companionship he gave you.

RIP Murphy


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Cully sorry for your lost. I actually remember meeting him briefly when I came to see your old 180 tank with my daughter. You actually had to put him up because of his *spitefulness*

Hang in there bud. I think at one time or another we all have been there.


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Cully, so sorry to hear about your loss. Our pets are part of the family, and I know how difficult those decisions are, having gone through it myself. Hang in there. Time will help get rid of the pain and leave the good memories behind.


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Mark So sorry for the loss my friend. If there is some kind of afterlife. Perhaps you'll be reunited one day. For now just take comfort in the fact you did the right thing for him.


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Sorry for your loss Cully. We are still grieving over the loss of our beloved cat, Smush. In time the pain will soften.


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Hang in there buddy. My Black lab is getting up there in age and starting to have some problems. It's the inevitable of having pets. It's tough saying goodbye, but the love and joy that they have is worth having them.


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I am so sorry to hear that you lost a special part of your family. I know the loss is painful right now and hope you can replace that pain with all the wonderful memories of him soon.


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So very sorry to hear about this Mark. Not looking forward to those days. I do have to say... your write-up on him made me smile. Sounds like he was quite the character!


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Very sorry to hear it. Sweet dog. It hurts, I know.

I love dogs. They're good for the soul. I have 2 and when the kids visit we have as many as 7 at the house . Keep my son's 3 when he and his wife vacation.so we often have a pack of 5 at the house for a week or two at a time.

I've lost 7 canine family members over the last 50 years ,loved all of them and rember them with fondness and some sadness. It hurts a lot to loose a dog and never get's easier. Since retirement my two border collies are companions and follow me constantly. The attention and affection they provide are priceless to my wife and me.