OT (kinda) - Liveaboard Boat Scuba Trip?


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I run a dive club at the high school, along with the whole coral thing, and each year we pick somewhere nice and warm and go diving. At the request of one of the students, I chartered a liveaboard for the last week in June. We fly into St. Kitts, get on the 110ft boat, and live and dive off it as we travel to St. Martin over the course of a week. It gives a diver a chance to dive 4-5 times a day, including night dives each night, and see sites that no land based operation can get to. Long story short, the list for this trip has been very fluid (people dropping off and adding in too often) and I currently have 4 spots open- two private cabins on the boat. After a bit of thinking, it occurred to me that there are a few divers in the group who might be interested in going out to see some of our captive critters brothers and sisters in their natural habitat. We chartered the whole boat, only 18 spots, from Explorerventures, and currently have 14 people signed up to go (including 7 students and 7 adults), so it is a small group of all divers. If anyone is interested in the trip, it would be $2800 including airfaire, transportation, food, lodging (obviously), tips, fees, surcharges, etc... (pretty much everything). Shoot me a PM if you are interested or want more info.