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hello i was wondering if anyone knows of a good pet store that sells birds (lovebirds)?if any are close to the city that would be better thank you


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chicago bird house,it's also the chicago reptile house, and go fish aquatics
it's in orland park 143/lagrange basicly

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There is a bird swap in Rolling Meadows on the third Saturday of every month. You can buy direct from the breeders there. I don't know the address of the building off hand, but they used to advertise in the back of Bird Talk magazine.

Make sure you get a hand raised bird.


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I would definetly check out Chciago Bird House, they have a ton of birds there. From big annoying ones to small annoying ones. o)


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check out all creatures at 3400 w 87th street. i used to work there for a summer job and the owner was seriously into birds. his name was mark i believe.


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I agree with the rolling meadows bird show, or you can go to birdshows.com and see the next time theyll be around here.... I think its september, but its HUGE and lots of cheap bird stuff... I save a small fortune going there for my greys instead of shopping at the store...