OT: Refinished Hardwood Floors (pics)


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We are fortunate that our house has the original hardwood floors in all 3 bedrooms. Last year sometime, I redid one of those floors which is the room I use as my office and ultimately the tank room. I was pretty happy with the results.

We are now getting ready to setup the spare room as a nursery. The carpet in this room was removed years ago and the floors refinished. Well, they needed it again. This spring/summer we will be working on this room and I been thinking this would be best completed before I setup my tank. Since my wife was out of town for a week I figured this was my best opportunity. While I was at it, I went ahead and took out the master bedroom also. The floors in the master bedroom has some pretty nasty stains under it. I was able to get many of them out, but some didn't come out completely. It is such an improvement from both the old carpet that the stained floors underneath that I'm proud of it even with the stains. We will just need to strategically place some rugs. :)

(BTW, in the finished pictures the rooms still need the dusted, base boards cleaned, and quarter round installed around the perimeter).



Office/Tank room before and after.





Master Bedroom before and after.



Nursery before and after.


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I'd have done a little more sanding on those spots to see if you could get them. out. otherwise looks good.


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I had a 150lbs sander with 40grit disc's on top of those for a long time. Any longer over those I would have made a pot hole :) I'm convinced those go way down in the wood. Bleaching might of helped but that was beyond my knowledge and time which was available to me.