OT Trip 'home' to Louisville


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I had a training class in Louisville, where I grew up so jumped on the opportunity for a free trip home.

It was in the same jetstream as the NY area most of the week and very cold/snowy. Took this shot it was about 10 below with the wind chill factor


That is the skyline as seen from Jeffersonville, In

So...the trip home was perhaps the worst trip I have ever had.

It started with a KY State policeman pulling me over when I was traveling at 81mph in a group of 5 vehicles. That is 11 over the speed limit, so I figured a ticket. He wrote me up and gave me a ticket for 91 and tailgating. I laughed and said "are you serious? I was doing 81 in a line of cars all traveling about a second or two behind one another" to which he responded "No, you were the only one doing 91 and you were tailgating. If you want to fight it you can come back next month"

Does that even make sense? I was the only one doing 91 and I was tailgating...I do not think that is possible.

Oh well, a nice trip other than that and my son breaking a few corals including my large orange cap.

This shot includes the second street bridge

block head

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ky law enforcement is extra sketchy,when i was stationed there the military had to adopt a enter at your own risk type policy. lots of blue laws, dry counties, good old boy justice. great pics