Ot. wear your seatbealt ebven in the desert


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Let me tell you my little story.Almost a year ago last October 27 I was on my first deer hunting trip up by safford. We had been hunting all day and I was riding a quad at sundown we meet up with our group and one of the guys wanted to ride the quad back to camp and I was done riding cause I was eatkng dust all day. I jumped in a buddies rhino a lifted golf cart if you dont know what that is, there were 3 of them in group I was a passenger long story short we were racing each other back and we came around a corner at full speed and one of the other rhinos was stopped waiting for the guy on the quad to make it over a hill. We veered to the left to not hit the other guy at full speed and clipped his rhino went off the trail took out a tree and rhino tipped onto my side landing directly on my right ankle and right arm . And knocked out the driver and myself for maybe 5 seconds I woke up pinned underneath with the top roll bar a inch above my head very close to landing on my head and killing me. The other guys came over to me yelling and picked the vehicle up off me and I went to walk and dropped my ankle bone was popped out of my skin, compound fracture I didnt look at it till the hospital cause I did not wana go into shock. So now is when it gets fun no cell service have to get on another rhino and drive back to a rqnch we were staying at thats a hour away from the accident to use their land line to call 911. We get to the ranch call 911 they agree to meet ushalf way on the dirt road into the ranch well thats a long grated road I lay in the back cab of the truck takes another hour to make it to the ambulance then another 45 mins to the hospital where i lay in the er waiting for a ambulance for Tucson for 7 hours then tqke ambulance too tucson another 3 hour drive they just gave me pain meds and cleaned it in safford wouldnt give me any water never been that thirsty in my life . Now fast forward the put some screws in my ankle and a cast 3 weeks later at a check up im told my foot looks infected and need to go to hospital wound center .. I go their told I need to surgery to clean up the foot scheduled surgery go to outpatient to get done they won't touch it . Have to go to hospital and get on antibiotics for a week then they do the surgery cut out about a tennis ball hole out of the inside of my ankle the outside of the ankle not as bad they filled it wi5h mesh. Had a pump hooked up to my foot and a pick line qt home for 3 weeks then they put me in a hyperbaric chamber ever day for 2 weeks 3 hrs a day after all that anotner surgery my Achilles tendon had to be cut and lengthened that was my 3 surgery then my fourth and final surgery skin graphs which I thought was a easy procedure but I went for 4 days got out on Christmas eve all of this for not wearing a seatbelt and broken ankle I would post some pics but I bet people would get sick actually turned out my foot wqs crushed and wasnt getting enough circulation. My foot currently looks like a zombie attack or like a shark got me I can walk just not for long periods of time cant run or jump yet in time . This is how I discovered reef central and the frag club keep my mind busy through all of the pain and learned a lot sorry about the grammatical errors did this on my phone and didnt think it would be that long lol hopefully make it to one of clubs events soon . Thanks for reading and WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!


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I have a similar story on Memorial Day up at minds park in a rzr, came around a bend and there was a truck haulin a in the middle of the road I was the passenger my side hit a boulder and threw us into a tree, if I wasn't wearing my belt and graves the handle bars I wouldn't be here either, totaled out the rzr and have multiple scars on my arm and leg. Wear your seatbelt guys it can happy to anyone at anytime


Crazy stories!
Glad you all made it out alive!!

I share the trail in my Jeep with side by sides, Razrs etc and I see some really bad decisions made on the trail with those guys AND my fellow Jeepers.

Great point on seat belts! I have 5 point harnesses and sometimes I get complacent on the trail and not want to use all harnesses.... Complacency kills!

Hope that foot continues to get better!


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Thanks this is what it looks like today



Crazy zombie foot dont need a costume for Halloween lol