OT: Welcome back to NFL Relevancy, Chicago!


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I am sorry to post about this, but I am so psyched about Cutler going to the Bears. Anyone can say what you want about giving up 2 first rounders, but:

1. Angelo does jack with 1st rounders
2. When you have looked for a franchise quarterback for 60 YEARS, it's a small price to pay

We have had 30 quarterbacks start the last 30 years. Unbelievable. I almost cried the other day...

Matt, feel free to start that "Big Ben" vs. "Crybaby Jay" thread!!



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I'm a huge broncos fan and I've been getting calls about this. Especially buddies who are from chicago that I played college ball with. "Crybaby Jay", what? He was suppose to be treated as the next John Elway! This is your franchise player that you built the franchise around. But a new head coach with no track record (as a head coach) comes in talking about trades and your owner buys in and agree's with your plan. You wanted Matt Cassel to trade for Cutler. Cutler didn't have a ground game for 3/4 of the season. We went through 6 running backs, he threw 70% of the time in the last 4 games.

Call it what you want, WOW we got two first rounders. How many first rounders just flop or turn out average. Look at the freakin Raiders and first rounders. Someone told me that maybe their looking at Sanchez from USC, come on he could be a Lienert (however you spell it) a great QB surrounded with GREAT talent (which makes him look great). Even Vince Young did everything with his arms and legs in college turned out to be a head case in the NFL.

I really thought Denver and Pat Bowlen knew what they were doing. To get a QB established and going in the direction to crumble the foundation of your franchise. So SAD! Coming with an open mind maybe they were scared about the longevity of his career since he has type 1 diabetes? I'm done buying authentic Jersey's, I thought Portis was going to be a franchise back his traded. Got a Cutler Jersey knowing for sure he's a bronco for life and he's gone. Oh well. For Bears fans you got a hell of a QB. Cutler on offense with your defense! I'm excitited to see your season and I'll cheer own Cutler hoping he makes owner and coach the talk of the headlines as duma$$ for the trade!


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Thanks man! You are exactly right re: the first rounders. First rounders are nothing 50% of the time. I am so psyched to have a franchise QB, especially with Forte in the backfield. We have the best tight end tandem in the league - we just need to pick up one veteran receiver (Holt?) and select one with our 2nd round pick. I am so psyched for the season to start!!


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First rounders are chances to buy over priced chances at something good. IMO the NFL needs to be restructured such that rookies have a maximum salary, when they prove they can do something in say a year, then they get the money they think they deserve. Christ Alex Smith was the #1 pick for the 49ers... managed to negotiate a 6 year- $50 million contract... and for what?


Even though I'm not totally sold on Cutler by a long shot, I think Chicago made out like bandits if he's even 60% as good as he has been the past couple seasons.