Other equipment.... Fans


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What is everyone using?

Ever since going from my 33 with a large surface area and no sump, to a 75gal with a sump, I've had some issues with my tank getting warm. Do oceanrunners get warm?

My equipment that could possibly introduce heat would be:
Oceanrunner 2500
MSX-160 skimmer
2 maxijets (1x900 1x1200)
1 tunze 6025
I am also running a 4x54w Sundial light fixture, but that was on my 33 that didn't have any problems.

I had the doors to my stand closed last night and it wasn't that warm, but woke up to the tank at 81. I have an oscillating fan that I have pointed to my tank that keeps it cool, but I want something a little more integrated.

I'm going to have an Oceanlight hanging fixture, so there's no canopy to mount fans. I've seen those Azoo fans that mount to the tank, but do they work that well?


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I have a Vornado clip fan blowing cool air across the top of the tank on the "low" setting. It keeps the air between the halide pendants and the water cool, so the reef rarely goes above 80-80.5 degrees. My evaporation is probably 3-4 gallons per day on a 220 gallon system.

I run one pump in the sump for the skimmer, a sicce. All of the rest of the equipment is external and adds little to no heat to the tank (vortech, dart return, etc). My heaters are shut off for the summer months, there's no need for them in Texas until late this fall.