Ouch! The bug bit me again!


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Well as destiny would have it, my neighbor has a 180 Gallon SPS tank that is simply amazing. He gave me a whole bunch of frags to put into my nano cube, however my nano is 12 gallons and only PC lighting. He gave me monti Digi, Caps and a milipora.

As well i have two seahorses and was wondering if somehow i could incorporate both corals and the seahorses into the same tank?

What do you guys think set-up wise. i have to stay under 40 Gallons and do not want to spent a crap load on stuff again. Also would it just be cheaper to mod out my 12 gallon jbj for a metal halide system?

Okay, if anyone has stuff to trade for a 12 gallon jbj nano leme know :bum:


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it would be difficult to keep something that does much better in low flow with something that needs high flow. I'm sure it could be done, especially in a tank closer to 40 gallons, if you concentrate your flow over the corals instead of having the entire tank spinning around. :)


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Your horses need low flow, the sps need high flow. I wouldn't mix. That's why I have 2 tanks. A low flow seahorse tank, and high flow sps.


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I would not mix either. I have my seahorse tank hooked to my reef; that way the seahorse gets the reef water quality, w/o the near 10,000 gph flow.

If you need to get rid of the horses, let me know. You need to swing to westerly sometime for a fishing trip.


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i have a 20g with MH set up I'm selling if you're interested that would work well for those frags. i have a porites coral in there that requires high flow and intense lighting and it's doing great