out of hobby 15 years now, thinking of starting up again in 1.5-2 years...


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Hello All,

I was a member or "B.A.R." Bay area Reefers way back before grey hairs....
I remember the local community helped me out more than could be expected. Im hoping the same community feeling still exists....Im pretty sure it does

Back in 2005 I shut down my tank. As best I can remember here are the specs:
tank - 75 truevue tall with overflow, sump 40g, skimmer...forgot name it was big, fuge with plants, VHO blue light bulbs kinda thick fluorescence like, small MH ..250??, auto water top off with some sort of calcium pickle stuff in it...., built a co2 plastic chamber at a school with the club members. it did something with calcium I think,

My "Honey, Do List is about 2 years long so Im starting the research now... Im retired now and don't mind throwin down the cash for a fun hobby, but I don't like to waste it either.

If anybody could direct me towards a few "good threads" I would be very greatful. Mostly about these topics.

Current Lighting trends... Im sure LED's are in the mix nowadays
Filtration techniques - Is heavy skimming and fuge still the way to do it??
Online distributers to look at

Thank you all, your help and generousity are greatly apreaciated by this "old-man"


You should log into BAR again. We still exist, and I think you would find more people over there willing to help. especially for an alumni coming back. Reef central as of the last few years has become more of a flea bay for used stuff, not as informative as the past.


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Definently get back on bar and become a supporting member if you can. Its definitely well worth it If you like free frags. And yes fuge and skimming are still king. But as opposed from back in the day nutrients are our friends before I think the goal was to pretty much zero out phosphate and nitrate

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out of hobby 15 years now, thinking of starting up again in 1.5-2 years...

Agreed with above, and I highly recommend you watch BRS's 52 weeks of reefing series and all the updates. Just keep in mind that they are trying to sell you stuff.

I did that, and it helped after my 8 year break


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15 years ago, I think this subforum was actually Bay Area Reefers, then the club decided to switch to their own server/forum and this was changed the "Greater Bay Area etc..", so while there definitely are club members that post here, the club presence isn't here and the subforum is largely about buying and selling locally more so than any sort of community (nothing bad about that, it just what it is).

That said it's probably really easy to get overwhelmed with how the hobby has changed in those 15 years, but if you're looking to for some help and what not from the club swing over to bareefers.org you don't even need to join the club for most of the website only if you want to access buy/sell forums there, just register and you're good to go.


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I just came back after a 12 year hiatus. So much has changed. Brace yourself if you haven't been keeping up. It's a lot of fun.