Outdoor Frag Tank Yes or No?


New member
I wanted to build a frag tank and place it outdoors. I would use this as a grow tank for corals, and as a quarantine tank.
I live in El Paso, Texas where the temp in the summer is between 65 to 100 degrees. I would be placing it over a covered canopy so no direct sunlight would hit water. I have many spare parts (skimmer, pumps, 100gal tub).
Any ideas?


Manny S.


Team RC
Try to touch base with Steve Garrett of Garrett’s Acropolis. I've seen his 1000 gallon outdoor system in person here is Southern California. He utilizes automated shades and a large underground storage tank for cooling (no chillers). While I suspect your climate is a little more extreme than ours, he is able to run his system with very little energy. It is amazing to see in person.