Overflow Box Teeth

Lou Young

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I have some acrylic and I'd like to make an overflow box like the one in the picture. What are some ways/tools to use to make the teeth?


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router or table saw. If I were to set up another tank, the overflow box would be smooth. IME, the teeth just get clogged up with bits of algae etc and then need to be cleaned.


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If you are going to make teeth a router would be the ideal tool but like other said they are not really needed and just clog often. Make sure to have a lid on your overflow if you decide not to make teeth and that should help keep fish from jumping into the box.

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Instead of sawing/routing teeth into overflow, buy a piece or two of plastic needlepoint canvas and attach it to the overflow box with plastic or nylon screws or clips. The needlepoint canvas has no sharp edges, is easy to clean, and keeps the livestock out.