overflow to sump loud


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The water coming from my overflow into my sump is loud.

Should I extend the PVC so that it actually goes into the water? It is presently about 1"-2" above the water and emptying into a filter sock.

I had made them short (not going into the water) because I ahd heard that if they did this could cause a minor backup potentially in the line?
So if I'm understanding this right.
I presently am using these one in each of my two overflows (not Reef Ready)
If I am understanding this right the only thing Herbie is really doing is dialing down the overflow flow rate by regulating the valves. By doing this the water backfills up the drain tube and thus the splashing causing from the drop is not there?

How could I do this for a system that is not reaf ready?
I'm not sure that a herbie style could be accomplished with a prefilter box (I'm assuming that's what the link is to - it doesn't work).

Something that you could try real quick would be to let the water empty out onto a piece of filter pad and see if that helps.

You could submerge the outlet in the water as well but yes, is will create slight back pressure within the overflow pipe but in most cases, that is not a problem.