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Im going to be setting up a 37 gallon reef tank plus a 10 gallon sump to go with it. This will be my first reef tank. I have decided that I will stay away from overflow boxes and want to go with a internal overflow. I have a few questions on this. First, I think im going to go with a herbie overflow, I see diagrams on all over the internet but no parts list of what to buy to make this overflow. What are the parts I need to make this overflow? Second where can I get a internal overflow box? I plan on drilling the back side of the tank since the bottom of it is tempered.


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Check out the small or medium Eshopps Eclipse units - come with a drill bit and template, and are set-up for the Herbie method. You will need a small (1") gate valve (check Bulk Reef Supply or Marine Depot) and either flexible tubing or PVC pipe.