Overrun by RBTA


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Hi All,
I introduced a rose bubble tip into my tank a year ago and since it's grown and split many times over! They are now taking up way too much real estate and stinging my SPS. I am hoping to remove some to move on/sell. Any tips on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. They seem welded to the live rock! Is it possible to remove them or if not reduce them another way? I've tired altering the flow and blasting with a power head but they just retract a bit. Many thanks. John.

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Ive seen some have success using a credit card or something similar to slowly, gently pry the foot of the rock.

If its stuck in a crevice then you may have to either turn the rock so that the anemone is away from the light to coax it to move or take the rock out and break it to get them out safely