Oyster Feast...Does it do anything


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Title pretty much says it all. I know there is no 'magic bullet' for an SPS tank but I've heard good things about Oyster Feast. Does it do anything more for the corals than fish poop?


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I have been using all of the alagen products and love the results. I strip my water and these liquid foods are a must for me.


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I use oyster feast along with reef roids, reef chili, and coral vitalizer. I don't notice any feeding response from my corals after a year of use. I will probably not buy more after I run out. This is just my experience with it.


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I'm not surprised by these responses at all. It was one of those things where I was in the store and it looked kind of cool. I'm pretty much a flake, pellet, and frozen guy myself but the ingredients in the oyster feast looked interesting.


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I make my own semi oysterfeast.. A single fresh oyster and a food processor = good things for the tank. Doesn't last close to as long as the real thing but I do notice my sps react positively when I put it in. Especially my tenius it gets the long filaments a min or so after it hits the water. It's cheap and I usually Make a bottle of it when I'm making my homemade mash for the tank every four weeks or so.

Fwiw I get about the same feeding response from the frozen mash but that has a lot of oyster in it also =)


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All I can say is try this and you will see amazing results.

Pappone Recipe Italian Coral Food (Updated 1/14/2007)

5 Oysters
5 Mussels
5 Clams
5 Shrimp (NOT cocktail shrimp, the big scampi type w/o the head and the shell)
1 Tablespoon of Sugar (not corn syrup, etc.)
200 mL of RO/DI water
10 g of Red Algae (Palmaria palmata; Bisck uses Julian Sprung's brand)
and/or 10 g of Spirulina, 10 g of Nori (spirulina is what Bisck prefers)

Methods: Make SURE that all ingredients are the freshest possible and DO NOT use frozen foods (unless it is impossible for you). Make sure everything "live" is rinsed and cleaned before putting it into the blender. Put all the ingredients into the blender and blend for 5 min, wait 2 min for it to cool, 5 more min blending, 2 min of waiting again, then finally another 5 min of blending (the pausing is so that the solution doesn't get too hot and "cook" from the heat of the blender/blades). Pour into cube forms (approx 10 mL each). Then freeze it all—you want to minimize how long everything is at room temperature.

Procedure: One hour prior to turning off your lights, you have the option of adding Amino acids to the tank*. (For example, 11pm Halides off, add AA’s, 12am, actinics off, then add pappone). Take off the cup of your skimmer, but leave the skimmer running (so you don’t have a massive drop in O2 levels overnight). After the lights are off, start with only a ¼ of a cube per WEEK for every 400 L of tank water (approx 100 gallons). Be sure to measure NO3 and PO4 the next morning so that these parameters don't spike after feeding. You can reduce the amount fed if you are having nutrient problems. Also don’t forget to put the skimmer cup back on the next morning before the lights go back on.

*If everything is going well. It is good to wait and see how the tank is doing for awhile before trying this. The whole point here is that you don't want to change anything too fast, because nothing good happens quickly in this hobby. (Another method to grind up amino acid pills in the next batch of food; however Bisck found that it sometimes causes diatom outbreaks in his tank


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I don't know but I use it, Reef Roids, and Red Sea Reef Energy and I get really good PE.

According to the manufacturers any one of the foods you're using should be all that's needed. I hope you're running a good skimmer.

I just started using Reef Energy and it has helped some SPS with color.

My LFS hasn't been able to get Oyster Feast for a couple of months because they can't keep up with the demand. I've never used it.

I've kept SPS for a couple of decades and I've never seen any correlation between feeding and PE. I think PE is promoted by water movement.


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Not running a skimmer at all reefvet, just frequent WC's but my tank is small so I can keep up. I see your point and I alternate these products every 3rd day so at best I use 2 foods before a WC. I may run a skimmer in te future but things are good for now