P. paccagnellae


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Hi Henry,

I have just been reading your article on on Dottybacks in the reefkeeping magazine and i had a few questions regarding my P. paccagnellae.

I have a 100G reef tank. Various hard and soft corals a pair of Premnas biculeatus and a P. paccagnellae. I also have a Coral Banded Shrimp.

I have trouble maintaining a live sand bed and i am unable to find many pods. I think they are extinct.

Does the Dottyback eat pods? If so, is my tank too small for a CBS and a Dottyback? Should i remove one of them? or has something else occured that has caused this problem and do you think if i was able to re-introduce them i could kick it off again?

Does the Dottyback eat pods?

a dottyback will forage the tank. all sorts of pods and worms should be considered as part of their diet. Premnas biaculeatus will also consume pods.

Should i remove one of them?

i wouldn't. instead, i would try to create areas in my tank of which none of the animals could forage upon. either by seperate refugium or by creating "pod piles" (piles of rubble rock).

any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.