Pagoda and Figi leather placement


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Neither my pagoda cup or my yellow figi leather are opening up to their potential. The sit close to the top of the tank with constant but moderate water flow. they r in a biocube with pc lights. everything else in the aquarium looks fabulous, i would just like these two, my favorites, look their best. any suggestions??


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I can't help you with the pagoda but I'm pretty good with leathers. It sounds like it's in a good spot. Don't move it. They sometimes take a few weeks to settle in to a new environment. Here's mine just after a move. It looked like this for a few weeks:

Here it is now:


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I had one that big, then one day I went to check on my tank and it was shedding. Within a week it died. The water prams were AOK.. Not sure what happened. But that is truly beautiful!! Great job.


Keepin it Spicey
perhaps that is the problem, i continually move it in hopes it will open up... i bet i move it once every three days..