Painting ceiling OVER fish tank, need advice.


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Hi all.

I will be painting my kitchen ceiling which resides over my coral/fish tank. I have heard some bad things about whole eco systems dying from forgetting or not taking the proper steps.

My tank is 130 gal so I feel it is to big to move temporarily.

I remember seeing a post on here about painting but nevet read it and can't find it now.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, advise are welcome.

Thank you.
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Others with experience with experience will chime in here, I assume, but from a healthcare standpoint, we use Hepa air filtration units alot, so get something that will remove VOC's with multistage filtration down to 0.3 microns. This will disallow poisons from leaching into the water from your room's atmospheric pressure. You can get these from Home Depot or Costco and are floor units with a small footprint. The bigger the CADR rating the better.

Of course, cover the tanks, etc. all apply here too.

Best of luck


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Big thing, disconnect air line ot turn off skimmer. Otherwise all that voc will be mixed with tank water from the venturi. Do you have a whole house fan?


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I just had a horrible experience with this just a few weeks ago. Feel free to send me a pm with your contact info and I can give you a few tips to hopefully make your painting experience better than mine.


Cover tank and sump with plastic, keep all windows in the house open with a fan blowing. Run carbon before you start painting and replace after a few days. Leave skimmer running but remove airline. Keep tank covered for about an hour after your done painting

Two other tips, place a bowl of chopped onions in the room, will absorb a lot of the fumes and do a 15 to 20 percent h2o change the next day.