pair of barberi lions


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picked these up, look amazing





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WoW- fantastic.
These are great little lions. I dont know people dont seem to like them as much., as the "regular" dwarf fuzzies. They have unique color/shapes and those adult red eyes are piercing.
Great success w/ them


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hopefully they will eventually spawn in my aquarium, I heard they do cork screws and stuff

unfortunately, my fuzzy is stalking the male barberi and seems as though he wants the female as his own, so if this doesn't end within a few days I might have to sell my prized fuzzy or throw him in my sump :{


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the girl is doing good eating frozen already, the guy however has ate 2 live ghost shrimp and looks like he is getting some bad fin rot :[ gonna be a sad day if he doesn't make it


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WOW... I'm so jealous... I think I'm going to move to California. ;)
I'd move the Fuzzy to the sump, rather than selling it.
I really hope the Male gets better.
Can I get a video of all of your rare beauties?


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Ill take a video tomorrow when the lights are on, I'm trying to move the fuzzy but he won't leave the rocks even when I'm feeding the others :|