Pairing up Fairy wrasses


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I just started building up my collection of fairy wrasses again after a dreadful power outtage. I have so far a Male Laboutei, Male Lineatus, Male Rhomboid. Now I remember seeing the old fairy wrasse thread about which ones keep there colors without girls around. Would these three fall under that category? I saw a beautil female laboutei on divers den which I am tempted to jump on. But I would like to hear from experience if any of these three would keep their color.



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scott i have a male lineatus and laboutei...i do not have a supermale lineatus but its colors has not faded...the laboutei has kept is colors also...i had a rhomboid once but it died not long after keeping it so i can not really give any good info on that one.


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I have a supermale rhomboid that has not lost his colors at all. I have had him for about 3-4 months & he looks the same as when I first got him.