Palmer's Blue Mille


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When I read about the Palmer's blue mille, I was a bit skeptical. I figured it was just another blue mille that seemed brighter blue due to the lights. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. I got a couple frags of it from Brian and let's just say that this is one of my favorite acros now. This thing just radiates blue. I wish I could take a pic of it, but due to the position in the tank, the camera would not capture the true color of it. If anyone would like to post pics, please do so!

al abaqueta

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Hey there, I was wondering if the palmers blue require alot of light? I need color midway on down in my 90 gallon. Thanks. Al


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Yes, I would say it does. When I received the frag, it was browned out. It's up high now and is really blue.


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here is a bad pic of mine but you can get the idea of the color


Where's Lahey?
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Yep it's a nice one, mine likes a lot of light, and like most millis it grows like crazy.


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I just picked up one of these today. Is it a similar color to the Oregon tort? I hope it is I love the blue of the OT


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I picked up one of these last month. It is just starting to color up. I hope it is all that it was said to be.

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I can use a new blue colored coral and this may just be it. I have to see how my Rose/Pink Millepora does first. Lost the Hoek, need a replacement. Nice coral jjmcat. Which is it?
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Good to know, thanks. What lamps/ballast do you use?

Ice cap ballests with blueline 250watt 10k plus bulbs.