palytoxin... help now...


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ok i got some coral and i decided to start my siphon the stupid way. ( sucking on the end of the tube)
the tube went into the bucket that the coral was in and touched the water for a few minutes befor i put my mouth on it..

anyways. now im looking at the coral that i got in the trade and im starting to think " oh $#%^ is that a palythoa"

if it is. what symtom should i look for if i did get any paly toxin in me...

i know deadly amounts ( 4 micrograms) will kill you in five minutes

anyways.. what should i do

i dont even know what type of coral it really is

( i got 2 trumpets and i told him i really didnt care what type fo softcoral he sent)


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well poisen control was just as helpful as i thought...
he said not to worry about it and basicaly refused to give any more info. he said you cant get the toxin this way and i hate to say it... buut... i call BS on poisen controll


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i call bs too, but you are probably fine.

you would have numbness around the lips, increased difficulty breathing. i see you posted almost 20 minutes ago by now. if you are fine, you are probably ok.

palythoa can be dangerous, but are most dangerous after a fragging session. if the coral was whole and 'untouched' i doubt it released any into the water you siphoned.

best to use a pump from now on.


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it was fragged a few days ago and just went throu shipping...

anyways.. cant belive the guy considered palythoa a soft coral

i was planning on keeping zoos and palys out of my tank cause they scare the crap outa me. my friends got the toxin once and had nightmares ( a side effect if you get a low dosage) and dont say that they were scared taht they had it and thats what caused it cause they didnt know about hte toxin till a few days after :p

kinda funny i was the only one in the group that wore gloves and i was the only one who didnt have a problom that night ( and these were zoos)