Panama City Beach, FL suggestions


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Family vacation in early July to Panama City Beach, FL. We love snorkeling and exploring. Last time down there, the snorkeling tour was pretty weak. Manmade reef was a sunken antennae with cinder blocks around it.

Any good places to visit? Any tidepool type attractions where the kids could see urchins and starfish or such?


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I have been there to surf around that time but the water was cloudy with red tide. There are a ton of dive shops there on the beach with tours and maps. Sorry I am not more help.


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Hydrospace is no longer in business. I dove with dive locker right on Thomas Drive. I just came back from there. There are a few wrecks and other things. I dove the USS Strength and the Hathaway Bridge. THe USS Strength was a very nice dive that has been there for awhile so it has lots of life the bridge had a 300 lb jew fish guarding it so that was an awesome experience. The only kid safe and family oriented time would be Shell Island out off St. Andrews park. There are alot of nice fish and invertes to look at right off the beach. If you rent a jet ski or do a nice trip you will see dolphins out there you can swim with. Other than that the beaches are nice but full of seaweeds."TONS OF IT" There are no other family adventures you guys can go on. A few tours and a good time but you should plan a day at Shell Island. Its like 12-17 dollars a piece for the ferry and many things to see while out there. Good Luck and Have a Safe trip. Beware there are Jellyfish out there. Go when the tide is in or out not moving. - Nigel