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I came home tonight from a week of holidays to much of my sps stessed and not looking to good, as well about 5 or 6 pieces, mostly frags, went RTN. I checked my parameters and things were a bit off but not as serious as I thought they would be with how things looked.
SG - .0125
PH - 8.1
Cal - 400
Alk - 5 dkh
I haven't tested my magnesium yet but I supect it is in the 1200 range. Would having my alk a couple of points low cause this drastic of an effect? I usually have my Ca 440 & Alk 7.5 - 8.
Any input on this would be very helpful.


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Get everything testable in good shape and go from there. If the basic parameters are off it's difficult to figure out what else might be off.