part 1 higher end corals VS


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I am selling off my tank due to a new baby and big move. I do not have easy access to a computer so my phone is what I will be using as tosite. why no pictures being posted on Site. I am getting rid of corals first. If any interest in pictures please text the phone 7167964363. Any other questions please PM or call/text 7167961735. Thanks for looking.

RbTA w/ rock : $50
peach/orange branching hammer: $125
Neon green hammer: $ 50 15+ heads
Orange torch: $100 splitting head
yellow/gold wall hammer: $125
rare orange frogspawn: $150
Red and green lobo : $75
green yellow tip torch: $75 splitting head
purple yellow tip torch:$50 3 heads
Todd's torch:$250 3 heads
bright orange wall hammer: $150
RARE pink and yellow acan: $200 8+ polyps
red/ green tidied blasto: $75 7 polyps
teal/ purple blasto :$40 4 polyps
Maroon/green blasto: $50 5 polyps
red w/ green outer ring blasto :$75 5 polyps
Red w/ blue center blasto : $40 3 polyps
maroon w/ orange blasto: $100 5 polyps
black cherry blasto: $100 5+ polyps
orange/ red w/ green blasto: $60 10+ polyps


Thanks so much for the sweet corals Matt they are truly beautiful!!! Wish my pockets were deeper I woulda taken it all if I could, simply the best pieces Ive seen all together in one tank.. If you guys haven't had a chance to see Matts tank, you dont know what your missing, his title is 100% correct " High end corals" call before you miss out!!!!
Thanks again and hopefully Ill see you again..