parting out my 135 gallon reef tank. laguna hills


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I am ready to start selling off the corals and rock.

I have 1 fish left tomato clown (8+yrs old) and 2 ritteri anemones.

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Live rock $1.50 lb with no corals attached. I have about 200 lbs total some in the tank some curing in a brute trash can.

crushed coral sand free to whoever buys the tank.

Corals list:

palythoa gigantis aka cinnamon polyps $5 head
small frogspawn 10
plate coral $10
Green star polyps $15
mushrooms galore all different colors $2 ea
chocolate chip anemone 150
watermellon ricordia. 2
ritteri aneome $25 ea

tank 6x18x24 with stand and canopy. not super nice looking $200
large sump 40 gal acrylic $100
k2 calcium reactor needs new circulation pump $100
euro reef skimmer large $80
refugium 20 gal ( may keep if not sold) 80
tunze circulation pump with spare parts pump $100

$1000 for all or part out.

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$25 each

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A picture before it split
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Ok. The tank is empty minus the sand..... The tank stand canopy by itself is $200 no electrical. 72x18x24,

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